Water System Design & Process

Proprietary Water System Design

Our design provides superior water quality, has virtually no maintenance, and reduces reliance on vendor service contracts. The competitive bid approach, now more important than ever, results in significant reductions in capital cost of standard water processing equipment. The following are some benefits of our water system designs.

  • Lowest cost per unit volume for the production of deionized water
  • WFI grade water from your deionized water system, at a fraction the cost
  • Highest stabilized water quality by all criteria without decontamination
  • <10 cfu’s/100mL microbiological activity continuously
  • No endotoxins, <0.25 EU/mL continuously
  • Low to no maintenance systems
  • One year polisher and final filter life

We can modify your existing system to meet or exceed all above specifications.

High Purity Water: The Process

Your company’s technical water requirements are unique. That’s why we will profile your water source, identify difficult impurities, and customize your water processing system. The water purification process can be simplified into three coordinated steps:

  1. Pretreatment
    The proper pretreatment of water is critical because it sets the stage for purification. Many processing problems can be traced to ineffective pretreatment.
  2. Purification
    Pretreated water is processed to your technical requirements. We will assist you in monitoring these technologies to detect and correct problems – before they shut you down.
  3. Post Treatment
    High purity water polishing, storage, and delivery are critical to validating product water integrity. Our proprietary design and experience will help you implement solutions that work.