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The primary industries we service are biopharmaceutical, semi-conductor, dialysis and hospital research

Arion CAD Design

Our Story

Arion Water, Inc., founded in 1985, provides system monitoring and trace analytical services specifically for high purity water to meet the needs of high technology industries. Arion Water, Inc. has become an innovative leader in the field of high purity water treatment. We approach water processing system design with over thirty years of experience in high purity water system design and operation. Our proprietary designs provide water which will meet or exceed all published specifications and for the lowest capital equipment and operational cost per unit volume of water. Arion Water, Inc. is a full service equipment vendor. Our water system designs are well known in the technical manufacturing and FDA regulated industries and our customers get the best process technology, components and engineering.

We would be happy to provide references to our clients that can speak to both savings and performance. We would be pleased to arrange on-site visits to the facilities of your choice to demonstrate the success of our unique approach.